True believer!

When a little kid draws a picture
it is all a big face
and some arms stuck on.
That's their life
Well then:
You get older
and you are a whole mess of things,
new thoughts, sorry feelings,
big plans, enormous doubts,
going along hoping and getting disappointed,
over and over again,
no wonder I don't recognize my little crayon picture.
It appears to be me
and it is
and it is not.

You could say Jody kept interrupting
even though he didn't set the foot in the room.
We are passing the turkey, he comes to my mind,
how smooth and strong his arms are. He goes away again,
I ask Aunt Verna which part she'd like me to serve her.

My mom finds Jolly's napkin on the floor,
puts it back on her lap,
Jody's eyes come to my imagination,
and I'm distracted too much by them.
To tell the truth, my heart wasn't in the feast
like it ues to be,
not with Jody living 3 floors below
in the same floor plan..

Postat av: Bea

har läst, Make Lemonade! den var faktiskt bra.. kanske man skulle läsa denna också?

2010-10-07 @ 17:24:45

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